Napoleon Bonaparte's Opponents Of The French Revolution Dbq

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One might say that chaos breeds control. Others might even say that control breeds chaos, or that chaos and control cannot exist without each other, despite being polar opposites. Nevertheless, these statements will always hold true in life, as time and time again history has indeed proven that these statements are indeed correct. Take, for example, the French revolution that took place subsequently after the American Revolution. During the French Revolution, there was a period of anarchy after King Louis XVI and his wife, Queen Marie Antoinette, were overthrown and beheaded by the absolutely livid nobility. People who were against the revolution were additionally decapitated, even people suspected at only the slightest level, as well as innocent children and other people who were falsely accused of being opponents of the revolution, Overall, this era was an especially fearsome time for everyone. Meanwhile, while the revolution was going on, the aforementioned Napoleon Bonaparte was gradually becoming more prominent and popular after having successfully waged several military campaigns for France. As his popularity grew, he quickly rose through the ranks, ultimately becoming ruler of the French, thus, restoring order and bringing in a new system of government. Under this new government, a new set of laws were…show more content…
Moreover, religious oppression and persecution was the chief zeitgeist of the time, and the gap between the rich and the poor only increased. To make matters worse, most people were illiterate and unsanitary, which, as a consequence, led to the spread of the bubonic plague, which killed off a third of Europe's population. Overall, it is because of the demise of the Western Roman Empire that living conditions worsened, hence why this is an example of how control can breed
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