Napoleon Bonaparte's View Of Native American Imperialism

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First, the intended audience for developing countries because much bigger powers are going to eat developing powers up. The message behind the picture is that the world is being carved up by Europe. The two men from the picture are Napoleon Bonaparte on the left and William Pitt on the right. The globe symbolizes the amount of land Europe is claiming. The perspective is from caricaturist James Gillray, as a caricaturist, he would have satirical views on the European governments during the French Revolution. The source connects to imperialism because Europe lays claims on land that belonged to indigenous and non-indigenous people, often resulting in war and later on political control. Next, the intended audience for Source #1 is for the…show more content…
The message behind the source is that many priests have the responsibility to fight for the rights of indigenous people. The climax of the movie symbolizes the Guarani War, when the historical Guaranis fought against Spain and Portugal to defend their homes. The perspective is a Jesuit’s experience when coming to South America. The source connects to imperialism, imperialism is the idea of an empire taking over indigenous people’s land by force, because the Spanish and Portuguese planned to create an empire in South America with the Indigenous people as…show more content…
First, Eurocentrism plays a role in the three sources because most of Europe uses their culture to judge people of other cultures and Eurocentrism is the reason why Europe claims land on territories inhabited by other people. Second, imperialism plays a major role in the three sources because each nationality from Europe wanted to become bigger and better than the others. Finally, the two sources connect to assimilation because the Spanish and Portuguese planned to force the indigenous people into believing European traditions and
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