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Napoleon Dynamite is dumb and is a waste of time movie, that stereotypes high school nerds. Napoleon Dynamite takes place in the small, rural town of Preston, Idaho. It tells the story of a young teenager, Napoleon, played by Jon Heder, who is an awkward, unpopular geek who wants to fit in. Napoleon lives with his grandmother and his brother, Kip. When his grandmother gets injured and spends time in a hospital, his uncle Rico comes to look after them. Napoleon later meets Deb, and the new kid at school, Pedro. Neither of them are very popular either. They become best friends and hang out together. Napoleon and Deb help Pedro when he decides to run for student body president against Summer, who is very popular and is the captain of the cheerleading …show more content…

It has a weak plot that is hard to follow. It's about the main character’s social clumsiness and lack of communication skills as he tries to fit in. The movie has not a lot of action, showing the character's absence of emotion. If this was meant to be a comedy, it wasn’t very funny. The comedy comes from Napoleon and his friend’s awkwardness. The sense of humor is bad, It makes the audience laugh at the character and not with the character. This starts off slow and ends the same, there are no major events that happen in the movie. The movie makes no attempt to make Napoleon and his friends likable. This is a movie mocking and disrespecting nerds. Napoleon Dynamite is a waste of time. The theme of the movie unclear, and gets across no message. The directing is horrible, the scenes were cheesy and raw. The movie is hard to watch and is dull. The acting is vague and the main characters speak in a low tone that is hard to understand. The movie has no realistic conflict that gets resolved. Napoleon Dynamite pushes the stupidity and foolishness to a whole new level. Overall the movie makes no sense and is hard to enjoy. This movie is a compilation of random events that happen put into one

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