Napoleon's Buttons: How 17 Molecules Changed History

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2. The distractions that seemed to bother me the most were both the visual and the auditory disturbances. The visual distraction bothered me the most because I failed to interpret what the novel, Napoleon’s Buttons: How 17 Molecules Changed History was about. I simply wrote the first topic as my summary instead of looking at the overall idea. For example, I rephrase the first sentence of the novel by stating that “peppers, nutmeg, and cloves were essential motives for exploration”, however, I didn’t state how their chemical makeup contributes to their historical impact. Sitting on my brown couch in front of the TV and seeing the New York Rangers play against the Blue Jackets limited my capability to write a well-written summary. I couldn’t concentrate; with seeing both the player’s intensity (skating back and forth) to tackling each other, they both made it difficult to understand what I was doing.…show more content…
However, within hockey, one period is fifteen minutes, and therefore while I was reading I saw a bunch of excitement from both the players and the fans because the Rangers scored twice. To a certain extent, I didn’t even know what I was reading. In fact, I could be ninety percent sure that my eyes were more directed to the TV than Burreson and Couteur’s book. Moreover, the auditory distraction also bothered me the most because I couldn’t distinguish the noises coming from my living room to the words in my head. In fact, there was even a moment that I tried to cover my ears in hopes that it will allow for some minimal concentration. All I kept hearing was my dog barking and my mom’s conversation with her parents; and if you know anything about Dominican families, they are LOUD. I mean, we can be having a conservation and someone from a different culture comes in and assumes that we are
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