Napoleon's Victory At Austerlitz Analysis

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To what factors do you attribute Napoleon’s victory at Austerlitz? Napoleon has said that ‘the whole art of war consist in a well-reasoned and ex-tremely circumspect defensive, followed by rapid and audacious [counter] attack’ (Bowden, 1997, p. 321). Given quotation is appropriate to describe the general idea that Napoleon applied successfully in the battle of Austerlitz resulting outstanding victory. Napoleon created a delusion of the weak French force witch appeared easy to defeat. Consequently, the Third Coalition rushed to battle without realizing that they are drawn to battle under conditions created and shaped by Napoleon. Fallow-ing battle fought by experienced, professional, well lead Grande Armēe of Napoleon against the opposing army was a success. Hence, it is reasonable to assume that Napoleon won the battle of Austerlitz due to the mastering the operational art and successful implementation of some features characterising the contemporary un-derstanding of the manoeuvres approach. To start with, first factor to discuss is the operational art employed against the oppo-nent allowing meeting the decisive conditions enabling the victory. Operational art is addressed in this essay as a concept how to be better than the possible opponent, i.e. out think, anticipate, and out move the adversary. David G. Chandler describes Napoleons strategic thinking at the beginning of setting the conditions for the battle of Austerlitz saying that Napoleon was well aware of the

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