Naproxen Case Study

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Chapter 7 Results 7. RESULTS 7.1 PREFORMULATION STUDY 7.1.1 Organoleptic Characteristics Organoleptic Characteristics was visually determined which was compliance with the standard. Table 7: Organoleptic characteristic of naproxen Properties Standard Observed 1 Appearance White crystalline White crystalline 2 Odor Odorless Odorless 43 Taste Bitter Bitter 7.1.2 Melting Point of Naproxen Melting point was determined by Thiele?s tube method. Melting point of naproxen was found to be in the range of 154?C which was in compliance with the official value. 7.1.3 Solubility of Naproxen Solubility of naproxen in different solvents was performed, the study indicate the affinity of naproxen toward non-aqueous solvents. Table 8: Solubility of naproxen in different solvents Sr. No. Solvent Solubility 1 Methanol Soluble 2 Ethanol Soluble 3 Acetone Practically Insoluble 4 Distilled water Insoluble 5 PBS pH (7.4) Soluble 6 Chloroform Practically insoluble 7.1.4 Determination of Moisture Content and Loss on Drying The moisture content and loss on drying was determined by following formula, Weight of water = weight of wet sample ? weight of dry sample % MC = Weight of water / Weight of dry sample ?100 And % LOD = Weight of water / Weight of wet sample ?100 Percent loss on drying and moisture content was found to

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