Napstablook Research Paper

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Napstablook is a sad sack. That 's the first impression anyone will get of them within seconds, and it 's also the conclusion most will come away with after extended interaction, just with more nuance. Mind, getting the extended interaction in the first place isn 't common. They keep to themself, usually staying at home where they find music on the internet, watch TV, or do farm work -- or they go out visiting somewhere even more isolated, by way of ghost. They 're not shy in a panicky-anxious way, but unconfident and pessimistic, and just... not really feeling up to it, shall we say. It 's evident when they do interact with others that they really don 't expect it to go well, and they will occasionally simply retreat when things get to be too much for them. Napstablook is quick to point out their own awkwardness; on multiple separate occasions they say a few lines and then apologize for rambling. They express honest surprise if the player character decides to visit them at home (after they gave an extremely hesitant invitation... if you want... but no pressure) and seem a little unsure how to go about having a guest -- but they do their best to roll with it anyway and it 's a pretty chill time. On the other hand, if you attack them at the start of the game, they will eventually…show more content…
All of that being said, it 's not like they 're incapable of functioning as a person. For one thing, they 're not too down on themself to appreciate someone being nice to them -- they quickly become fond of the player character (enough to go over and say hi when they see them in passing, anyway) and are distinctly more comfortable once that roughly friendly relationship has been established. On their own terms, they 're... frankly a pretty normal person. They have a major music hobby. They take their job running the farm seriously. They acknowledge that they should probably try to make friends with their next door neighbor even though they 're not great at it, and decide to do something
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