Nar Shadowing Experience Analysis

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The biggest takeaway I received from my NAR shadowing experience at Three Links was just how vital the staff who works with the residents truly are. If you would ask anyone if the staff at a medical facility is important, the answer would be yes. However, until you physically observe staff perform crucial tasks for their resident, one cannot truly comprehend the impact staff makes on residents. The staff at Three Links helps residents perform essential, everyday tasks such as feeding, bathing, and toileting. The staff not only provides personal care, but also acts as the resident’s family by forming strong relationships with residents. My experience shadowing at Three Links reminded me that caring for others is truly a challenge, but can be miraculously rewarding and essential to the well-being of others. 1. What is your current career…show more content…
I am able to relate to people and work hard to make the experience I am participating in rewarding for all individuals involved. Throughout my educational path, I have observed and participated in a variety of different areas involving caring for others. Each opportunity was unique and impacted me in different ways, making me the person I am today. Volunteering at a summer camp with children with muscular dystrophy taught me the importance of communicating with others and the value of patience. Interacting with patients in a hospital setting gave me the opportunity to distract patients and make their stay at the hospital more tolerable. Lastly, working as a child care provider in a daycare setting improved my leadership skills and taught me the meaning of unconditional love. These past experiences have morphed me into the person I am today and enriched the lives of individuals I have encountered through serving others. I take pride in the way I handle myself in a professional work environment, and plan on giving my all to the Pathways to Healthcare
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