Narcan Drug Research Paper

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I think the narcan medication is an amazing invention for people who overdose on heroine. Narcan is a drug that can treat narcotic overdose in an emergency situation. I 'm very glad they found something that can save many lives when they overdose. I like the idea of narcan because it saves lives, helps families, and if someone doesn 't have heroine in their body it doesn 't hurt them in any way. In my opinion there is nothing bad about Narcan other than that it doesn 't always work depending on how long it 's been since the person has over dosed. A great thing about Narcan defiantly is that it saves lives. It can work in as little as two minutes after its put into the patient. If it doesn 't work the first time it 's injected or put up the…show more content…
If someone had a kid, sister, brother, or friend that is addicted to heroine and then they find out that they had overdosed that person would defiantly be very upset. If Narcan were to save that person it would make so many people happier. Saving lives is a great thing for everyone. Also if someone has a family member or a friend who is addicted it might just make them feel better that Narcan is a thing and many schools and police officers have it around at all times. That 's another one of the reasons that Narcan is so great. Not only does it make families happy, but if someone doesn 't have heroine in their body it doesn 't hurt them in a bad way. Some may worry about Narcan because many drugs that are for people who are ill have an effect on people who take it when they do not have that illness. Someone could have something else wrong with them and police could think it was an overdose. If it really wasn 't the overdose that was wrong with them, it won 't have an effect on that person. This is great because then whoever is injecting the Narcan can do it just in case, without a worry that they may not have heroine in their body. Their are many more great things about Narcan, but those were just a few. I 'm glad that there is something that saves lives and already has saved many lives from
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