Narcissism Epidemic Summary

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The spread of narcissism in the United States is becoming an unruly problem. Narcissistic traits in individuals include entitlement and the overall belief that one’s self is better than they are in actuality. Authors Jean M. Twenge and W. Keith Campbell address these issues in The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement. Some key contributors to the growing amount of narcissism in western culture are parenting, attention seeking on social media, and antisocial behavior (especially online). The major shift in parenting styles started in the 1970’s pg81. Parents went from being the approvers to the ones vying for their children’s approval. It is also a growing trend amongst parents to accommodate their children’s wants into grownup…show more content…
Users post their most attractive photos and videos that show off their skills, all while trying to maintain a constant stream of new “friends” and “followers.” Pages are focused around an individual’s positive illusions, but not many negative aspects are included; people are able to escape reality by posting only what they want to about themselves and presenting it in whatever way they choose. pg113 Users are not just obsessed with their own pages, but with others as well pg110. This social comparison often leads to an overwhelming amount of competition, which further promotes narcissistic values. Narcissists firmly believe that they are the best and have no problem with showing off especially when they are glorified for doing so by gaining friends and receiving positive comments pg115. Since narcissists thrive on the idea that they are the best, getting such positive feedback will encourage their behavior to continue to lean towards self advocating, as stated in the law of effect. Not only does the use of social media often create competition, but it can also create hollow relationships (easily confused nowadays with genuine relationships) with others as well. Considering another aspect of a narcissistic personality is having poor relationships with others, this only adds to the growing epidemic of narcissism. When Facebook friends are all about quantity accumulation and social climbing, it is rare that these relationships are of much value
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