Narcissism In Animal Farm

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Contrary to popular belief, a society can be successful without being flawless. To prosper, one simply needs modest inhabitants. While utopias consist of humble citizens, they are also places with faultless economies, places of equality and perfection. On the contrary, dystopias are places of ideality where everything goes wrong. The government is typically a totalitarianism one where a self-absorbed leader degrades most inhabitants, like in Animal Farm. In the novel written by George Orwell, the presence of narcissism amongst the pigs results in unjust control of the animals, as well as deprivation of their freedom and the ability to interact with the natural world. The use of propaganda within Animal Farm shows a great example of how media controls citizens in a dystopia. In order for the pigs to maintain total control of the farm’s society, they manipulate the other animals. The author presents, “he announced that, by a special decree of Comrade Napoleon, Beasts of England had been abolished” (Orwell 88). Squealer, an allusion of propaganda, both publicizes and directs the animals to follow the decisions that Napoleon makes. Since the animals listen to and believe what Squealer says, they quit singing Beasts of England. They never get any ideas of rebelling against the pigs, and Napoleon retains the power and …show more content…

Due to this, the novel written by George Orwell is clearly a dystopia. Orwell composed Animal Farm as an allegory of the Russian Revolution. He wanted his readers to understand what an unsuccessful society looks like, and how power can lead to corruption, like it did in Russia under Stalin’s rule. Citizens became narcissistic, and a totalitarianism government developed. For a society to truly prosper, it must be occupied by citizens who do not have excessive interests in only

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