Narcissism In Paul's Case

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In Paul’s Case, the main character Paul embodies the true characteristics of narcissism. Paul exhibits greed, entitlement and he places himself above all others. Because of Paul’s narcissism, he treated others with disrespect and was often critical of other’s. Paul’s narcissism is so debilitating that he is unable to find satisfaction in anything and that is ultimately what drives him to commit suicide. Could it have been that even though Paul presented himself as a superior, important person that people should be envious of, he was actually self-consciousness with a self-esteem as fragile as glass?
According to the American Psychiatric Association DMS-IV one of the general criteria for the personality disorder Paul suffers from is manifestation
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Because of this he felt entitled to have better things and a better life. He was very ungrateful for the life he had and the things his father provided. This sense of entitlement led him on a downward spiral. He began to act out in school which only caused him more harm than good. Paul was taken out of school and the one escape from his life he had was taken away also. When he was taken out of school he had to quit ushering at Carnegie Hall and was banned from there, which cut him off from his obsession with music and art. “The theatre provides a refuge for Paul, his “secret temple” here he could hide from himself and live out his grandiose belief that he should associate with other special, high-status people like Charlie Edwards” from Paul’s Case: A Narcissistic Personality Disorder is exactly the proof to support that Paul covered up his fragile self-esteem with delusions of himself. After he was taken out of school and banned from the theatre, he was put to work at Pullman living the same dull life he despised. Ironically enough Paul’s narcissistic behavior and entitlement led him exactly doing the things he hated the most. This in turn led Paul to become angry and agitated and
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