Narcissism In Poul Bjerre's Femme Fatale

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Lou Salomé 's association with men was additionally portrayed by the analogy of indecision: "fire and ice". She was depicted as a lady who quickly burst into flames with enthusiasm and afterward chilled off. The Swedish psychoanalyst Poul Bjerre, a companion of hers, portrayed this character characteristic utilizing a paradoxical expression, "fire and ice". She burst into a fire that was promptly smothered. One of the clarifications for such a bipolar appearance of emotions could be that coldness serves as a guard against the fascination felt. Be that as it may, such irresoluteness may likewise be the after-effect of a contention between two goals: sexual longing and the craving for scholarly acknowledgment. It is fascinating that this paradoxical expression showed up in one of Lou Salomé 's writings. She says: “The more fiery the fanaticism of love, the colder the effect of its distortion--right up to fire and cold coming together as…show more content…
Possibly the most noticeable legacy of narcissism is the “I- ideal”. The femme fatale can also be considered a projection of this ideal image. Freud emphasized that in the love-life of men the narcissistic woman presented a case of returning to the lost narcissism, to restore a state of existence in an objective less world. It is not surprising that the male’s fantasy of the femme fatale contemplates the danger of self-destruction in love. This fantasy demonstrates a rejection of aggression directed toward the object of love, the object of submission. This fantasy transfers to a passive-feminine position, from which the man sacrifices himself, in order to satisfy the object and prevent its loss. Thus the femme fatale in phallocentric discourse functions as the essential element of internal transgression of the established order (Zizek 1999, p. 72), like the male masochistic-paranoiac dream about the sexually voracious lady who incites roughness and violence. The femme fatale is the projection of the inward system of

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