Narcissism Persuasive Speech

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Narcissists have an ample toolbag of methods they dig into on a regular basis. these behaviors range from lying to ignoring you to shaming you. Each strategy has one goal, control. He 's controlling you, how others see you, and how much contact you have with your friends and family. He is all about control. Hugging the Cold Shoulder This is a favorite scheme of narcissists - the silent treatment. If you bring up something they don 't want to discuss, like their abuse, they will stop talking to you. Think teenage girl with her headphones in. Yeah, it 's that immature. He 'll talk about you, over you, and around you but he won 't address you. He does this to get you to ask what 's wrong. He 'll then blame you for trying to start drama. Weird…show more content…
Then, he will sit back and watch the fire he started burn while claiming no responsibility for any of it. This is to get you to try and defend yourself because the more you try to defend yourself the crazier you look. Triangulation is communication and behaviors that involves three or more people. It is identified by spying, lying, and abuse. You might remember a time you bought the stories. You believed him about discrediting others. There are three roles in triangulation. The Persecutor This is the starring role for your narcopath. This role draws high conflict personalities. The irony is the persecutor completely believes he is the victim. Narcissists do not admit or take responsibility for their actions. It 's all about setting the blame on you. He makes you feel guilty, and gets others to believe you 're the bad guy. He will need to recruit allies. The narcissist is powerless. He needs to rally people as reinforcements to completely discredit you. Many people believe the narcissist’s lies. Why would someone say something unless it was true?! If you 're lucky, someone the narc goes to will come to you for the truth instead of believing him. not all who get invited into the flying monkey circus join. They may still offer sympathy to the
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