Film Analysis: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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Narcissistic personality disorder is gradually increasing in society. Currently this condition affects 1% of the population. Narcissism is named after a greek myth character named Narcissus; a young, arrogant man that was cursed to fall in love with his own reflection in consequence of his uncompassionate behavior towards women. He died sorrowfully aside a fountain, never looking away from the glassy waters that reflected his beauty. From a healthy amount of self-love to a menacing amount of self-adoration and lack of empathy, this personality disorder consumes the individual which results in a disregard for people’s rights and feelings expressed in Steve Bressert Article on “Narcissistic personality Disorder Symptoms”. NPD is a disorder characterized…show more content…
A documentary released about him reveals the rage he has over injustices he has suffered through his life and his band experiences.Throughout the documentary Baker shares his life story with the audience. Baker was born into a low income family, his father died when he was only four and claims it has hung over him his whole life. Growing up with little to no restrictions, Baker joined a gang through violent initiation. He later on grew to explore his passions and began playing drums at the age 15. During this troubled time for him he began to dive into drugs such as heroin in order to overcome difficulties in his life. Ginger baker began playing rock-n-roll in his band called “Cream” as the drummer. He believed that he and his members were the best musicians in the world. The band “Cream” became famous worldwide, however their drug addictions and tempers broke them up. Baker arrogantly claimed his former bandmates were inadequate.He’d scapegoat his poor state and financial difficulties on everyone else but himself. He later on came to marry and divorce three to four times, which proved his inability to maintain long-term relationships. Ginger married his eighteen year old daughter’s best friend, later boasting his success and power over women. Baker clearly lacked empathy for others evidenced by abandoning the family.…show more content…
It may take up two years into treatment before the Narcissistic even acknowledges that they have a problem because they honestly think there's no problem with them to begin with. Narcissists often don't look for treatment, and when they do start they hardly finish it. Medication used to treat NPD hasn’t been found yet, but a person suffering with this illness may take antidepressants, antipsychotics and mood stabilizers to alleviate the symptoms. Through psychotherapy the narcissist is able to focus on controlling emotions and correcting selfish behaviors with an expert. However psychotherapy is difficult because the narcissist believes it’s everyone’s fault except their own. But overall, success with a therapist depends on the early establishment of a good relationship so there may be some trust. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help the patient acknowledge their bad behavior and replace it with healthy behaviors and attitudes towards themselves and others. Family and group therapy focuses on the narcissist’s relationships and interactions. Working with the family includes exploring conflict and developing love for

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