Narco-Trafficking In The Film 'El Rey'

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The film “El Rey”, directed by Antonio Dorado, illustrates the beginning of narco-trafficking in the eyes of Colombia. The story follows a man named Pedro Rey, a bar owner, in Colombia during the 1960’s where he meets Harry, an American who works for the Peace Corps, who introduces him to the illicit business of drugs. Together they create a lucrative network where they begin the market of drugs in the United States. Despite the fortune and ascent on his social status as being a drug lord, Rey still desires more power. He reaches the point where he demonstrates double standards such as killing his partner, putting his life on the line and damaging his relationship with wife, Blanca Rey. The message the story talks about the heavy role the United States plays in the origin of the mafia of drugs and how the initial utopias for Colombia were lost due to the growing corruption of narco-trafficking.
One of the principal figures in the film is Harry, the American, who represents the antagonist role of the United States during the beginnings of
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Pedro Rey at the beginning is a man who wants to move forward with his career when he meets Blanca and begins the illicit business. He develops a committed relationship with her and live the rest of his life together until his death, but the profound damage made by the business remains with her and is not in her control anymore. “Se suma el impacto en la población civil nacional a raíz del terror sembrado por los narcotraficantes con su serie de acciones violentas con bombas, atentados y asesinatos para desestabilizar al gobierno y difundir el miedo.” (Ospina 22) In scene of the film, Pedro publicly humiliates Blanca by dragging her out the discotheque for throwing water at Pollo despite him publicly flirting with another woman. He then kills Pollo to spread fear and
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