Steve Murphy's Narrative In The Pilot Episode Of Narcos

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Introduction Narratives have been the basis for all human communication and progress throughout our existence. Good narratives can inspire and drive us to new heights we’ve never reached, while also putting our vast world into the perspective of others around the world. Stories have been told for millennia and the most famous can turn into legends, myths, or sometimes start whole religions. For this criticism I will attempt to answer the basic question; what makes a good story? Summary Narcos is a Netflix original drama crime thriller that follows the story of the now infamous colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. The show begins in the late 70’s at the beginning of Pablo’s story where he’s seen as a black market smuggler transporting illegal goods across the border with his cousin Gustavo. Through the black market he meets exiled chilean chemist known as “The Cockroach” who proposes that they go into the cocaine business together, with The Cockroach producing, and Escobar distributing. The three settle on selling…show more content…
This objective is best seen with Steve’s narration throughout the episode. Because of this show being based off a true story about Steve Murphy in his pursuit of Pablo Escobar, Steve is retelling the story as it plays out on screen as if he is reflecting on the events. Steve, however, only periodically narrates, only telling general information about the plot. The details that he would not know such a conversations between Pablo and his cousin Gustavo and scenes involving the cartel’s business he doesn't narrate over. The narration done by Steve formats the majority of the episode as a flashback, and skims through several years of the past, all leading up to the shootout at the bar. Steve’s narration is the main driving force behind the

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