Narcos Research Paper

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Throughout the years it has been seen how Narcos have been taking over the lives of innocent people in the city of Mexico. Authorities have not even bothered on setting up an investigation, because it is believed they were involved in the incident as well. Narcos are known for buying over law enforcement, and if the president doesn’t do anything to stop these inhumane people, then when we least know it, it will take over the government itself, and the people of Mexico city will be in a risk of more danger than they already are. The incident of the article is based mainly on the government being part of the 43 disappeared students. The Narcos are mentioned because the mayor’s wife has a brother who is a Narco that might have a connection to the missing students. He makes us understand the government is a major part of the students disappearing by interviewing Gibler a journalist, Alejandro Paéz Varela a influential digital news site, and Solatinde human rights speaker. They all say their opinion on how the government is hiding information from the missing students parents and giving hope to them stated in article one “What causes less damage to the system?” Solalinde asked To say they [the students] were burned, with everything that implies? Or say they’re disappeared and that they don’t…show more content…
One very solid detail he gives is about how the Narco leader is related to the Mayor 's wife and it leads us to believe the different possibilities of how these students actually vanished. We do not believe that it was just the government or the narcos, both groups had to play a role in this incident because in Mexico the government does not exist without the Narcos and the Narcos do not exist without the government. It has been like that for years in Mexico and that has to do with a lot of the horrific situations that have happened over the
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