Narcotic Anonymous Group Analysis

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Narcotics Anonymous is a society of men and women with whom drugs have become a major problem. They are welcoming to any race, creed, religion or lack thereof. There are no requirements to join with the exception of the longing to quit using. Meetings are assembled in different locations from churches to libraries, to conference rooms in hotels. The environment is supportive and welcoming. Because the first rule is to be willing to become and stay clean, the members tend to have a genuine interest in participating. Factors such as leadership and group member roles, as well as my own personal thoughts and feelings are further explored.
There will usually be a social worker as well as a speaker seated at a table. The purpose and role of these individuals is to facilitate the group by creating a structured forum to allow seamless transitions among the members as they share their experiences and struggles. The leadership in the group was more democratic. As members would arrive the two leaders would welcome everyone and
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“Existential psychotherapy emphasizes that mental health problems are frequently caused by struggles with existence” (Irvin, 2013). The first factor is the installation of hope. This was seen when the sober members of the group would encourage the new members through leading by example that it is possible to stay clean. Universality is the second factor that allows the members to see that they are not alone in their impulses, problems, and other issues (Levy, 2001). Universality leads directly into altruism because of the good feeling that a member would obtain by inspiring and positively affecting the life of someone who is struggling as they were. The most critical factor in Narcotics Anonymous is taking ownership of your mistakes and admitting to where you are in the present. This is apparent by each member’s introduction saying “Hi my name is (name) and I’m an

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