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The disease model of addition is the foundation of Narcotics Anonymous. The disease model posits that the addict has an incurable disease much like diabetes or an allergy; thus, exposure to a substance is viewed as the primary cause of psychological addiction (Narcotics Anonymous, 1983; Jenkins, 2016). N.A. is identified with the spiritual model of treatment (Jenkins & Finner-Williams, 2016). The spiritual model of therapy views addiction as a disease to which persons are defenseless without a “higher-power.” In this view, treatment focuses on the resignation of self, and instead, instruction from a higher power and a spiritual awakening toward recovery (Jenkins & Finner-Williams, 2016). The interventions of N.A. are founded on the twelve-steps…show more content…
62). The main purpose of NA meetings is for addicts who come for the first time to be able to relate and identify with the members (Narcotics Anonymous, 1983). In the experience of the NA meetings visited, after members have shared success stories the opportunity was given for members to receive key tags that mark the amount of time they have been clean while participating in NA. A leader shared that there is a total of nine key tags; seven are for the first year staying clean. The new beginner key tags are as follows: attending their first meeting is white, for surrender; 30 days clean receives the color orange, for caution; 60 days clean is marked by green; money saved rather than spent on drugs; 90 days clean is given red; meaning stop, look, and thank God you’re not dead; 6 months receives blue; because you do not have to be blue; 9 months is yellow; for the sun that we see in the morning; and the last new member key tag is one year; glows in the dark because you have an inner glow (personal interview, April 15, 2016). The two remaining key tags are 18 months; gray represents the war is over, and two years; black meaning it is the absence of color, just like the drugs in your life (Personal interview, April 15, 2016). The overall importance of the key tags is if individuals keep coming back and working the steps just for today, then they are living the program (Personal interview, April 15,

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