Nard Culture: Star Wars Versus Star Trek

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There are many age old debates in nerd culture, Marvel vs DC, Mac Vs PC, weather or not Han shot first. But none so vicious is Star Wars Vs Star Trek. This 39 year sparring match is less of a fight and more of a death match with fans of both biting at each other to do dawn supremacy over one another. Both of these flagship franchises have advantiges and disadvatiges which make them equal in most rights.Star Trek started in 1966, a full 13 years before George Lucas’s flagship filmStar Wars” was viewed on screen. Star Trek was the first great sci fi show airing from 66-69’and then spawning 7 other series, 13 movies and various video games, comics and merchandise. The disadvantage Star Trek has is that about half of those movies, series, videogames

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