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1. Childhood and Family
Narendra Damodardas Modi was born into a underprivileged ‘Ghanchi’ family in the small town of Vadnagar on 17th September 1950. His forefather 's family are oil pressers from a family, Ranchoddas that settled in Vadnagar in the late 19th century. His father, Damodardas Mulchand, owned a grocery/tea stall near the Vadnagar railway station. It supported a family of eight, living resided in a small three-room house made of mud and bricks. The family bathed and washed clothes in a nearby lake.
He was an average student but excelled in co-curricular activities in his school, especially debate and plays. Modi as a student was always inquisitive and troubled the teachers. His young mind was filled with original and unusual ideas on topics ranging from teaching to washing clothes..
An expert swimmer - it was known he crisscrossed the crocodile infested Sharmishtha lake. To change the flag on top of a temple situated on an outcrop in the middle of the crocodile-filled lake, Modi with two friends swam to the temple, changed the flag and returned to the shore to the applause and relief of the villagers.
After school he helped his father selling tea on the railway station and occupants of train compartments. He recalls with pride having served tea to the wounded veteran soldiers of the Indian Army, returning from the 1965 Indo-Pak war.
After his duties as a tea-seleer he joined the RSS sakha. He went there to learn and even excelled

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