Cs Lewis Theory

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C.S. Lewis is a well know author had has seen many successes as well as failures within his career. In several cases some of his work got quiet the mix of both, such as his children’s book series called The Chronicles of Narnia. This series is an example of one that brought about many opinions. In fact his first published book in the series The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, although quickly becoming highly popular and continues to the day however, it has taken some brutal criticism as well. This paper will hopefully address some of the ridicule that Lewis received from his book series The Chronicles of Narnia. The criticism or critical concerns that Lewis faced often included, in what way did he intend for this readers to read his books,…show more content…
Animal pain which is described by Lewis in two specific ways, one, that human and animal suffering cannot be compared and two, God isn’t actually not concerned for the animals sufferings they experience. Animal resurrection on the other hand is in simple terms that if human can experience this resurrection, then so to should animals. Next is human superiority, which is describing how many humans believe in this hierarchy between different parts of God’s creation, therefore, humans are superior to animals. Lewis however argues the reverse of most humans. The last component of Lewis’ animal theory is human cruelty. Which basically describe how Lewis’ believe that the cruelty of animal is a significant moral evil, evil that is done until human willingness. This was again something Lewis’ was hugely passionate about. We can see his passion so clearly in his work with The Chronicles of Narnia. Lewis’ great love for animals is a huge reason why so many would believe that the animals have such a significant role in the books. For example the main character through out the entire series is a lion. A lion, not a person, or any other form of life, but an animal in the form of a lion. Now there are countless examples of books that their main characters are animals, a majority of children’s books for that matter, but it’s Lewis reactions to how these animals are being treated within the books that is the interesting part. There are countless references with the books of animal cruelty and there are also interesting encounters between animals as well with in the books. For example the mice helping Aslan after he had been killed as a sacrifice for the boy Edmund. There is another intriguing scenes in the Magician’s Nephew, where Lewis is talking about a guinea pig, but at the same time referring to the children of the book. Again and
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