Narnia Heroic Journey

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Chronicles of Narnia “Heroic Journey” Assignment Part One: Elements of a Story 1. Setting: The story takes place in the timeless fantasy world known as “Narnia”, however there are some segments of the movie that take place in the context of WW2 (1939 - 1945). This is significant because during World War 2, kids were sent to the countryside in order to stay safe from the bombing of Germany. If the children had not gone to the countryside, they would have never met each other and would never have been able to enter the world of ‘Narnia’. Due to Narnia being ‘timeless’, it is a place where the children can escape and entail on huge quests and journeys without ever being found. 2. Protagonist and Antagonist: There is more than one protagonist…show more content…
Without him, the siblings would have never been able to set out on their journey or understand the world of Narnia at all. Besides, Edmund gets kidnapped, which creates a quest for the siblings as without him being lured by the white witch, the siblings could have just left Narnia and never returned. The use of the White Witch as the antagonist creates meaningful suspense and instigates the quest that the siblings are made to pursue. 3. Major conflict: The major conflict for this story is Person versus Person. Aslan and the siblings fight against the evil White Witch in order to prevent her from reigning Narnia with despotism. The idea of both sides having an army creates a good amount of characters for the movie as if it was not just the White Witch versus the siblings and Aslan. The conflict between the two groups (societies) significantly leads to one of the main themes of the story —— Good versus Evil, for which we can argue that it kind implies the World War 2 situation outside. For this conflict, each key character has contributed to it and the audiences can personally choose to either hate or like them. In this case, the story becomes more interesting since we need to root to one side to expect it for winning. 4. Climax: Aslan is killed by the White Witch according to the secret convention they’ve made before to rescue

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