Narnia Hero's Journey Analysis

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We will analyse "The Cronicles of Narnia" to give examples for each stage of Hero's Journey. There are three movies in "The Cronicles of Narnia": "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe", "Prience Caspian" and "The Voyage of The Dawn Treader". There are three different movies but when we analyse them one by one, we will see that there are so many similar points among them. The 12 Stage of The Hero's Journey will show us how their themes are the same.

The first movie is "The Cronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe". We will analyse it according to 12 Stage's of The Hero's Journey and we will give examples from movie for each stage that we can see the Hero's or Heroes' journey in the movie.
The first stage was "Ordinary World" in the Hero's Journey. This stage was where the Hero's exists before his story begins and it was the Hero's everday life.
When we look at the first movie "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe", it begins in England where
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The first Mentor is Professor because he gave an wise advice to Pevensie siblings that they should believe Lucy because she is their sister and she isn't mad. Then Pevensie siblings began to believe Lucy and they became ready for the quest. The second Mentor is Mr. Tumnes, a Pan who met with Lucy first in Narnia. He is Mentor because he gave Lucy to courage to come his home. When she went his home, her quest is began. The third Mentor is Mr. Beaver, Mr. Tumnes' friend. He also gave courage to Pevensie siblings for staying in Narnia. Pevensie siblings hadn't got courage to stay in Narnia except Lucy. The forth Mentor is Father Christmas because he gave so many object which has great importance to Pevensie siblings, the Heroes. He gave a sword to Peter, an arrow to Sudan and an elixir which cures all wounds to Lucy. The last Mentor is Lion, Aslan because he always helps the Heroes in their quest. He gave courage, self-confidence, wise advices anda strength to the
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