Narrate The Events Of The French Conquest Over Vietnam, Cambodia And Laos

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Narrate the events of the French conquest over Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Describe the struggle of the Burmese people during the British rule. Analyze the event that lead to the founding of Singapore and Malaya. UNLOCK ! Siam Illustrado Colonial power CHALLENGE ! Discuss the struggle of the Filipino for their independence from Spain. EXPLORE In 1880s, South-East Asia, saw the completion of Britain 's conquest of Burma and France 's takeover of Vietnam and Cambodia . The next decade, France added Laos into her empire, leaving the kingdom of Siam now Thailand independence as a neutral country between British and French-ruled lands. Though the Spaniards in the Philippines was declining its control , eventually it ceded to the control of the Americans. The conquest of Vietnam In order for the French to trade with China, They need a stepping stone to enter the large Chinese market. During Nguyen’s throne, many foreign missionaries including their converts were persecuted. This angered the French government under Napoleon III. Soon after, the French launched a naval expedition to punish the Vietnamese regime. The first attacked in 1858 failed to achieve its objectives. A second attacked the following year was more successful. In 1862, Emperor Tu Duc surrendered several provinces in Mekong Delta to France. In 1880s the French continued their advance, launching an attack on the Red River Delta with the main reason of protecting French citizens in the area.

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