Narrated By Death: A Brief Summary

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Narrated by Death, this story follows the life of Lisel Meminger. Lisel, her mother, and her brother are on the train going towards Munich, where they were to be given over to foster parents. On the train, Lisel’s brother, Werner, dies. They were escorted out of the train to a nearby snowy cemetery where Werner would be buried. When a grave-digging handbook falls out of the gravedigger’s coat, Lisel steals it, but Lisel cannot read. Lisel and her mother continue to Molching, a town where Lisel would be given over to foster parents. The closer they get to the foster house, the more unwilling and reluctant Lisel gets. Lisel meets Hans and Rosa Hubermann, her foster parents. Lisel disliked Rosa, partly due to Rosa’s rudeness and cruelness. Contrary
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