Sylvia Plath The Bell Jar

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2.3-Results and Discussion: The writer in The Bell Jar tries to prove that the woman is able to face the whole society and does what she wants. The woman has an ability to prove to the world her strength to achieve her desires. She does not accept the life which the society forced her to live in, but she thinks to make a better one. Although she faced many difficulties but she overcomes them. Sylvia Plath used the first person narration to prove that the woman is able to talk about herself. Esther expresses her thoughts and feelings as in example 1, 4, and 5, as she said I thought, I knew, and I could think … etc. The examples 2, 3, 6, 7and 8 are used to prove the wrong decisions she takes in her life. She used here…show more content…
It was like the first time I saw
2- I was supposed to be having the time of My life. I was supposed to be the envy of
3-patent leather pocketbook to match. And when My picture came out in the magazine the twelve
4-anything, not even myself. I just bumped from My hotel to work and to parties and from parties
5-for women only, and they were mostly girls My age with wealthy parents who wanted to
6-except for this trip to New York. It was My first big chance, but here I was, sitting

Plath depends on adjectives in order to express Esther 's feelings and her way of thinking and how she refused the customs of the society. She sacrificed her virginity to mark her rejection of the conventional expectation that she will remain pure for her husband as in example 3, and example 4 assures the thought of the society that girls at the end will get married. Example 1 expresses that Esther does not care about the position of her husband or if she loves him or not, she only thinks how to get rid of virginity. Example 2 shows that she does not think of getting married, she thought of her future. "Married" repeated 26 times which means that it is an important point that the novel is based
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