Narration In The Prussian Officer

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In this paper I will try to analyse the underlying meaning of the short story The Prussian Officerfrom the level of narration andfocalization. Narration is the process of narrating a story mediated through voice of the narrator (identified as who speaks?)And Focalization is viewpoint or the perception through which the events are being reported (identified as who sees?).
The novel focuses on the suffering and self-deterioration of a young soldier by his captain who seeks forbidden sexual admiration that makes the soldier victim to the captain’s sexual frustration. The narrator allows readers to learn the minds of characters from shifting the internal focalization simultaneously.Under the light of Narrative theory of Gerard Genette Narrative Discourse this paper will focus on how the narrative information is filtered through the shifting focalization between the two main characters in the story and their repressed conscious struggle and how this influences the narration.
All the narratological models prepared and presented for analysis of text are based on basic difference between story and discourse. On this basis an author can create multilayers to present his story in different aspect. Since, the story remains same and is independent of its narrative form mainly discourse therefore,same course of events can be reported in more than one versions orpoint of view. It is presupposed on this basis that the original chain of events presented through the discourse can be
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