Narrative About Fishing

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Fishing Hi I’m Hudson, and I’ll be talking about freshwater fishing. Freshwater fishing is a type of fishing where you can’t catch sharks, except bull sharks. Those can be found in freshwater. Now I’ll tell you some of the fish you can catch in freshwater. You can catch largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, yellow bass, rock bass, bass etc. In my opinion bass aren’t that fun to catch. Although bass can be really big monsters. The give a little fight but not a huge fight. Next up is the marvelous muskies. Muskies are a huge fish that can range from 12 inches to around 60-70 inches. The world’s biggest muskie was 69 pounds! I have caught a muskie in my life, but it was only like 47 inches. In my opinion the most fun fish to…show more content…
It was a giant muskie. It was so nice out on the lake, it was calm, and there was a little breeze. We were in a reddish, white and black boat. It was so fun reeling it in. It felt like something 2 times stronger than me pulling on the end of the string. It was so big, and I was only 7 years old. I was for sure that it was going to snap my pole. It took me a hour to reel it in. I was with my grandpa, and we were out on a boat. I told him you better not help me reel in this fish. When I got it in it was so big. It was called a tiger muskie. It was a really lite yellow with blackish brown stripes. When I was reeling it in I was wondering what the heck type fish it was. I saw a little bit of it’s body at first, but I couldn’t identify it. I was feeling kinda strong because I was reeling in a monster muskie. It was kinda weird that day that I caught a muskie. It’s weird because me and my grandpa were walleye fishing. Next I’ll tell you about my huge catfish. It one of the biggest fish of my life. One of my friends said exaggerating that thing is like sixty pounds! In the end though it snapped my pole. I think it was maybe 8 pounds, but no way sixty pounds. It was probably like 30 inches. At the time it happened I wasn’t too into fishing, so I didn’t have to good of rods. Then I got a better one. Then I caught a 30 incher and was actually got it in. Me and my friend Gavin were fishing in that same river, but in a different spot. Both of us caught about 30
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