Narrative About Tryouts

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Tryouts You only fail when you stop trying. It was the seventh grade school boys basketball tryouts for the 2016 team. I was really wanting to make the team so that is why I tried out. More than half the boys of seventh grade were trying out in the schools gym. All the boys were in the locker room talking. In contrast I was changing and getting my shoes on. Before I went out on the gym I told myself “Do your best, however if you don’t make it, don’t be upset” Then we started tryouts. When the tryouts started I heard the coaches yell “Go run 5 laps!” After we ran everyone did layups. Then we ran some more laps. As I was drinking water during our break I felt sweat dripping down my spine. Next we3 scrimmaged within a group of 20 or so.…show more content…
Lastly, we scrimmaged and yet again, I couldn’t make a shot to save my life. After tryouts I was a slow log. Once we got outside I could feel the cool rush of the wind hitting my face. My friend Nick came home with me that night after tryouts. In the car I heard Nick say to my mom “I think I made A team and Josh made B team.” I then told Nick “I think you made A team and I didn’t make any team.” The next morning I woke up , but Nick was already up and had already seen the standings. I was impressed how quickly the results were posted. I then found out that I didn’t make the team so I punched a pillow and felt it compress.I was very upset almost as mad as a little kid that didn’t get their way but in a sense I felt happy because Nick made the team. One hour later I heard my mom tell my dad that I didn’t make the team and that she thought I would just play park district for another year. After that she came downstairs and exclaimed, “It’s okay Josh, you can try out next again.” “ I don’t know if I want to play park district basketball this year.” I replied. Next I thought to myself, “I should never give up if it is truly something I want to play. So, my mom ended up convincing me to play and I have been practicing my dribbling and shooting ever since. You only fail when you stop
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