Narrative About When I Broke My Wrist

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Narrative about When I Broke My Wrist It was a bright and sunny day in late fall. All I was thinking about on the drive to the baseball complex was how bad I wanted to beat the team, since it was our last game of the Fall Ball season. Not only it was our last game, but we were playing one of the big dawgs, one of the rivalry games, as my dad would say. So I had to have a good game. “Am I pitching today?” I asked my dad, who is also the head coach. My team’s name is the Monarchs. We were pretty good at the time. It was our first year as a team together. So far we’ve had a great fall baseball season. We had only lost a couple of games, and they were to teams that were a division higher than us. So, late in the game, we were down by a few
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