Narrative Analysis: Get Out

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I decided to choose Get out for my narrative analysis piece. I think this mystery/thriller was a phenomenal film, but it got even better when I started breaking down the film and comparing it to film theory that we have learned so far from class. What I was looking at specifically when watching this movie was what the primary structural components of this film 's first act was, and how does this act engage the Audience 's attention and prepare them for what follows? This is a interestingly long topic that will involve looking at the films opening image, the first act, and its transition to the second act.

The opening image begins with a black man walking down the street. He is talking to his girlfriend saying how he feels out of place due
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He recognizes him and take a picture of him to send to his friend, but when the flash accidently goes off, the man 's nose starts to bleed as he screams “get out” multiple times. Chris is completely shook by the event and the next morning him and Rose decide to leave. When they are getting ready, Chris finds a secret box of Rose and ALL the workers that work at her house. As he tries to leave, Rose refuses to give the keys away and they attack Chris and try to put him under hypnosis once again, this time to make him a slave forever.

This transition sets us up perfectly for Act 2 by finally moving on with the story, and making us change our central question. Our new question being, “Is Chris gonna get away?” or “What are they gonna do to Chris?” The backstory of Roses family all makes sense now, A mother who hypnotises people, and a brain surgeon father. This has now changed the protagonists from just Roses brother, to Roses entire family.

As you can see, Jordan Peele did a fantastic job using film structure to set up and extremely suspenseful movie. He uses well known film theory such as, setting, first image, setting up central questions, act transitions, so fluently. There is much more in the movie that uses the three-act structure, and hopefully this paper just gives you an idea of how good this movie
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