Narrative Case Study Analysis: Sawchyn Guitar

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Eric Emmanuele - Mod. 8: Management Principles – A Narrative Case Study Analysis - “Sawchyn Guitar - a giant in a niche-industry.” Firm profile and Case introduction To introduce the case of Sawchyn Guitars we have to travel to Saskatchewan, Canada. The firm, Sawchyn Guitar, founded in 1972, is a small business venture in the city of Regina. The company operates in the music industry, specifically in the production of handmade mandolins and guitars, a business which Sawchyn began nearly three decades ago in his garage. Peter Sawchyn, founder, and manager of the company, is the main focus in this one person business. His wife, Kendra, and his coworker, Ben, are the other two main players in this business. Peter is a master instrument builder, Kendra is an expert in retail business and his co-worker, Ben, is a fellow expert for guitars. Even though Kendra and Ben have taken over roles in the company team, Peter Sawchyn, as the only instrument builder in the company, remains the single “main actor” in the company. As he gained experience and developed his extraordinary talent, Sawchyn became a renowned guitar maker in the professional music community, which eventually put him in high international demand. At the beginning, all the work of making and repairing guitars and mandolins was done by Peter in his two-story garage and sales were carried out face-to-face at his home or online. The limitations of his location made growth difficult. He

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