Criminal Justice Case Study

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Being a criminal lawyer is not easy, nonetheless when your in the spotlight. Defending a woman accused of mass murder was proving to be harder than it looks. Though Anisia knew it would be a determining case for her career, she decided to take the chance.She had never defended anyone accused of murder,she was always taking smaller cases such as petty theft or assault. Her whole reputation as a lawyer and a person was on the line. If she were to lose the case she would be looked upon as a incapable lawyer, yet if she won she would be accused of lying and letting a guilt person free, to commit other crimes. The days leading up to the day of the trial were brutal. Many sleepless nights spent doing research and preparing questions for the district…show more content…
Anisia had been so confident in the case that she hadn't even gotten a material witness, she was solely depending on her facts to win the case. The defense on the other hands had many witnesses but none could prove that Vanessa was guilty, their witnesses seemed to help Anisias side of the argument. Once both sides were done questioning, the jury ordered a recess for the jury to discuss their final verdict. Walking back into the courtroom made Anisia almost nauseous, the buildup seemed to be almost too much for Anisia. “Has the jury reached a verdict?” The judge asked “Yes, your honour.” “On the count of Murder in the 1st degree how do you find the defendant?” “We find the defendant Not…show more content…
Many others in the courtroom disagreed and had angry outbursts and breakdowns, they were all removed from the courtroom. Though it made Anisia happy, it made her more cautious because she was still feeling uneasy about the man that was staring at her. She managed to put her feelings aside and Vanessa thanked her . She got her papers and briefcase and started heading to her car. Anisia was desperate to just relax for a while, she had been nonstop preparing for the trial. But when she got outside the courtroom there was news reporters and interviewers taking pictures and bombarding her with questions. She simply kept her head up and continued walking to her car. She calmly started her drive

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