Narrative Elements In The Hobbit

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Linearity of The Hobbit is not a innovatory narrative element, but it is present in every written text. Linear narration has been used from different ways to discover more things about humanity existence and to know better traditions and social structures. Oral narrator figure has always existed in every culture and civilization, being the clue for the developing and self- consciousness. Tolkien makes a social representation of a well structured and hierarchizased world using the traditional figure of the storyteller to narrate a fantastic tale. In this sense, the omniscient narrator author representation in The Hobbit is Gandalf, but, the Tolkien- author representation in the novel is Bilbo, because hobbit characteristics are familiar to the author because this one identifies social and humanly with him. It is well known storytellers used linear stories for an illiterate audience for better comprehension. In this way, Tolkien uses this system or literary method to facilitate its comprehension of an imaginary world created in his mind to an unaccustomed reader in fairy, hero and dragon

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