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The Congregation
20 Fun Facts about Alligators

El garto means “the lizard” it’s a Spanish word, where the name alligator came from. Over 200 million years ago alligators already existed. Did you know that the largest recorded alligator was in Everglades National Park located in Florida? It towers to 17 feet and 5 inches that is 5.31 meter!
Do you know the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? Do you like to play in swamps? Swim with your friends in rivers? Are you even confuse right now why I am asking you this? This Ebook will shed light into why I am asking these questions and will definitely leave you want to hit another book to read more about them.

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They are closely related but different. An alligator has a wide nose and is black. Moreover, its teeth is still visible even its mouth is sealed. While crocodiles have pointed and narrow nose and is grey.

Alligators habits
Normally, when you stroll in the zoo and you encounter alligators, you can see that they either stay still on the ground, under the heat of the sun or on water and they do this for a long time. Do you ever wonder why? This is because they don’t have a mechanism to control the hotness or coldness of their body. So if they feel the former they dip on the water, if the latter they sunbathe on the ground.

Alligators are social animals
Alligators like to stay together. Their group is called congregation. This is composed mainly of small and young alligators, which are called pod. In this group the smaller ones should conform to the big ones. This is because the largest in the group is their leader.

Female alligators are very protective
Alligators normally breed during spring season. Research studies that the female alligator only have one partner per season. After which she is responsible in making the nest for her eggs and she is very aggressive in protecting
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