Narrative Essay About A Journey

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Journey Mama, “Where you now? “. I, “Wangdi, Phunasangchu “. Then she hung up the phone. She was so excited to see me since we departed almost for five years. She had informed to all of my cousins and relatives. One by one they keep on calling me which makes me so irritated. I hate this journey; seriously I really hate especially the Gelephu and Thimphu high way. This high way are just for the name sack only, in fact I would say it is a farm road instead of highway and this horrible road really make me sick. And the worst part is waiting couple of hours at the block at Phnasangchuk where project is going. I even didn’t step out form bus due to the horrible atmosphere. I didn’t saw any green out there though there is huge coverage of forest. What I saw is all the plants were cover by dusty which makes scenery ugly but once it was a beautiful valley ha I promise. To avoid vomiting I usually take sleeping pill, which made me deep sleep and I didn’t hear any call. When I woke up I check my cell and found that there were 21 miss calls from my mother. I dial her number but it says not reachable so I didn’t even try it again. Again my phone rang…tring …tring. “Hello “I said. My voice was thick and husky while I was answering her call, maybe because I woke up from sleep and answer her phone. Mama,” Where you have reach “. “I am still at Punasangchu ”. “What happen” She asked.” I said, “Block “and then I hung up the phone. As soon as I hung up the phone bus started to move and

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