Narrative Essay About A Normal Day At School

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It’s another normal day after school, I stepped out of the school gate and get ready to go home. On my way back, I thought of all the positive and negative events that happened at school today, it was mainly positive I guess. The only negative thing seeing was a boy that just entered middle school, getting picked on by the bullies, I really hate them. I’m home, so I enter my house.
“How’s school today, honey?” My mom asks.
“Great, I guess,” I answer back. I went back to my room and start writing my homework. I write it slowly since I want my writing to be legible. I love school and everything, I can’t wait for tomorrow. I woke up early to get ready to go to school, I have to wake my sister up because she won’t be able to get up. Sometimes she’s funny, but mostly annoying.
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I walk into my room and lay on my bed, thinking about the issue that I had with Linda today.
“Maddy, come get your snack,” mom yells since her room’s quite far from mine, so I did.
After that, I suddenly have a strong ambition of stopping the bullying that’s happening at our school. I rush back to my room and search up ways to stop bullying. I text Vanessa about the idea I have to stop the bullying at school. She agrees with me and told me to tell her friends about this idea as well during tomorrow lunch. All the sudden, there’s a smile on my face, I’m filled with happiness. I can’t believe that she agrees to work with me. Hopefully, this whole plan will work out well. Next day during lunch, I was ready to tell them about my plan. I ask the people that sits with me to listen to me talking. Eventually, they did because I barely talk with them at all, so they pay attention on me.
“I think it’s time to be against the bullies, we should plan together and stop them from bullying us and everyone else at Greensville Secondary School.”
They all agree with me, but one of them asks “How are you going to stop Linda and her friends? It’s almost
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