Narrative Essay About A Perfect Wedding

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Picture a perfect family in your mind. They have everything, money, education, success. The Father, a businessman in a corporate company in the city. Stay at home Mother who comes from wealth and what every perfect family has, both, a cat and a dog trained and purebred, yes even the cat. Finally the young boy, John gets good grades and behaves, well that is when people are watching. The boy tries to keep a “what a good boy” persona about himself but when no one was around he would be the worst little kid ever, at school he would pick on the others and at home he would always be alone. When he was left alone he would always be angry and break his toys and have temper tantrums, Never given the attention from his parents he began to explore the…show more content…
March 28th the day everything changed His wedding day had finally arrived and he was about to face an unspeakable event in his life the would end everything he had ever enjoyed or cherished. The wedding. The most perfect marriage you can see all white everything, chairs, flowers, carpets, table covers, ornaments, etc, the picture perfect wedding. Rich families meeting full of children and joy except for one man that was John this the first time he had returned to his old home which where the wedding was being held.He had take a moment before to walk through the woods where he had terrorized the forest all the damage he had done still present, seemed as if he had just done it all the day before. When he reached the pond the was stopped hit with all the emotion he had bottled up, he became overwhelmed and went back to the wedding just in time for the ceremony. Along the way in the back of his mind all the emotions and thoughts of his younger self tearing him apart he could feel himself going back to who he was growing up. He had managed to keep himself together for some hours until they had left the wedding for their

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