Dialogue Essay: A Fictional Narrative

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An old man sat by a campfire up in the Sierra Nevadas. The flames flickered in the frosty air as countless stars appeared in the night sky. The ancient pine smell wafted through the air casting a rich aroma. His only companion was his border collie who snuggled by his feet by the warmth of the fire. Silence filled the crisp, night air as both man and dog lay deep in thought. Their minds wandered through their many memories, both good and bad. Finally, in a weathered voice, the man whispered to his dog, “Well Lu, I guess it’s time for your bedtime story. I’ve told you stories about murderous pirates terrorizing the seven seas, and stories of magical kingdoms. But the story I’m about to tell you is extra special. It’s a story of love and hatred.…show more content…
Wait up!” yelled a voice. Jonah stopped walking and turned around. Grinning, he waited for the person who had called him. Sure enough, walking towards him were his best friend's Micah and Zeke. The three had known each other since kindergarten all the way to college where they all went to UCLA, in California. It was summer break, and it felt wonderful. No homework. No school. Yes, free time. They were all walking to a little sandwich shop in LA downtown where they all loved to eat. Micah was a hard worker, responsible, and enjoyed community service. On the other hand, Zeke appreciated sports, good food, and friends. Jonah was kind of in between. Aside from some differences, the three were really close friends and deeply understood one another. They all were Christians and loved each other like a brother. After lunch, they walked around downtown stopping by some shops and bookstores, relishing their summer break. Later in the day, they were sitting outside a bookstore, when aromas of different foods began to fill the air. Without hesitation, Zeke stood up and asked, “Do you guys want to grab a bite?” Five minutes later they were on a bus heading toward a local pizza place. It was so calm and peaceful inside the bus. There was no way any of them, or the other passengers could have predicted what happened

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