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If you like baseball you are going to love this story about my fun state baseball tournament! We had 11 players, three coaches, and a lot of fans and parents. You will hear about how we did, what I did, and what happened. Now you will read about my team and I did, and everything else that happened.

We drove to Des Moines Iowa on July 21. It was a four hour drive, so I played my phone the whole ride there. About half way there we stopped at the outlet mall to buy stuff (like shorts, t-shirts, and pants). After that we stopped at Subway to get something to eat and drink. Once we got to Des Moines our coach got called because our baseball for that day got cancelled because of rain. So then my tam, my family, and I played football
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We started out with three outs. Then the other team batted but the ball got hit right back at our pitcher in the leg. So every time he was up we had to take an out. We ended up losing the game 3 to 5 but it was a close game. After the game we went back to the hotel and sat around in the lobby playing our phones.

After the game we went back to the hotel and sat around in the lobby playing our phones. Then we played kickball, and football in an open area by the hotel. We played fourth graders against fifth graders, I was on the fourth grade team. The fourth graders won in football and kickball. Then we all went to sleep for the games the next day.

When we got there we started playing catch to get ready for our last game of the season. We hit first we started out with a single then two outs then a bomb out to left center field to score a run then we got an out, so it was their tur to bat. In the second, third, fourth, and fifth, but in the sixth inning we got two runs. Then they got up to bat they had the bases loaded the game was tied up 3-3, 0 and 0 count 1 out. He hit the ball right over our first basemen. We ended up losing 3-4 but it was a fun
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