Narrative Essay About Birthday

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August 1, 2006, a heated, bright and perfect day, and to add to that, it is my 12th birthday. Pleased with my decision, I decided to take another stroll outside after the party was over, after asking my mother just like every other day. There were tons of places to visit. I walked around a few lakes, climbed a couple hills, and even found a stray puppy with no collar. The ball of fluff was just sitting there, in the Daisys, and she looked at me with a wanting face, it’s golden fur- the same color as mine- blowing in the wind. After notifying my mother asking if she would let me keep her, she first answered no, but changed her mind once I mentioned the fact that it was my birthday, and I now had a appropriate age to take care of a dog. The name easily came upon me, Daisy, and we did lot’s of more activities together. Still enjoying myself, we played fetch together, we played tag, and then after that, I gave Daisy a bath in a lake. Once the sun started to descend, we climbed another hill and watched it together. The blue, to the orange, to the pink, and to black. My mother wanted me home by seven, which I then realized, And since I promised her that I needed to go, so we started on our way home, when I happened to come across a funky looking rock, which of course gained me curiosity.…show more content…
To my surprise, my eyes weren’t shut tight with fright. I just blinked, and when I opened my eyes, I was riding on the back of a mammoth. But since mammoths are extinct, it was strange to be on one now. Soon I realized that this wasn’t a mammoth, but some sort of mythical creature, but in theory, since I am looking at it right now, with its horns and wings, that it wasn’t mythical, unless I was in a dream. Then I remembered the fact that I fell down a long hole inside of a cave, landed on a mythical mammoth, and i’m now bolting down another tunnel that i’m being taken through, when right now I should be at the beach with my family. For the first time in a long time, I was
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