Personal Narrative: Bottle Rocket

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Bottle Rocket- When my sister and I was little my parents went next door to go talk to my grandma and grandpa. My sister found a bottle rocket and I found a lighter. My sister and I light the bottle rocket in the house and my parents and my grandparents came over and see if we are okay and my parents yell at us. My Mom- My mom had to take of me by herself but she had my grandma to help her. My mom put me on the couch and I role off and I fell on the floor and my mom ran over and start freaking out. She call the hospital and they told her its fine she will be okay it happens. Fireworks- On fourth of July we had fireworks from the store and we had bottle rockets. We decide to hit each other like 5 feet away and point each other and light them…show more content…
She buys us ice cream almost every time we go over there. We had fun one day my brother was making toaster strudels he make it hard as a rock. Rabbits- When we had Rabbits we had three of them for each kid. When I went to my grandma’s I always bring my rabbit with me and never let it out of my site. My rabbit makes a funny noise with its noise and one day my rabbit bit my dad’s toe and my dad was mad. Night Fishing- When we went night fishing we were staying out until 2 in the morning and when my mom was going to get her fish she saw a snake. When she saw the snake she ran to the tent and never came out until the sun was out and when the snake is gone. Owl- My mom and dad went outside to check on the chickens , goat, and ducks. When they went outside the saw a owl flying away with are male chicken and went over to are grandma and grandpa’s house in the tree. My mom had to get the gun to scare the owl away and to let it go. My mom trying to hit the male chicken and the owl she was trying to scare it. When my mom shot the gun the owl drop the male chicken and fly away. The chicken had a broken leg and by 6 months it
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