Personal Narrative: My School

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School. The one place every teenager gets their ambition drained out of them. Filled with cliques, drama, work, and freshmen. Everyone actually enjoys life until they get here. Joy isn’t allowed here. They are like dementors and absorb the happiness out of everyone. I adjusted my backpack and stuck my hands into my hoodie pocket. I made my way through the hallway. Crowds of friends taking up as much space as they could. The sent of axe, perfume, and fake filled my nostrils as I made my way to my locker. I shoved passed the usual groups of jocks that hang out by my locker. They are all nice so they usually move out of my way when they see me. I am not friends with them, but they are good aquiatinces. I talk to them maybe once or twice a year.…show more content…
I gave him a ‘really?’ look. He just smiled and I felt my heart melt a little. “You know I’m right. So what do you want from me?” “I was wondering if you were free this weekend.” Was he going to ask me on a date? I sure hope that he is. I have been waiting for this since freshman year. “Depends. What are you planning?” “I was thinking that me, you, and Cody go and see a movie. The three of us haven’t been hanging out much since school started.” Of course. How could I forget that the three of us were supposed to do everything together. Cody has to be apart of this plan. I sighed, “I can’t. I work all weekend. Maybe next time?” I smiled at Xavier. I saw a little pain in his eyes, but he also knew it was going to be a long shot. “Yeah, maybe next time,” Xavier said with a disappointment. I felt my heartbreak a little for him. He wanted all of us to hang out, but I just ruined it. I almost wanted to change my answer. “I need to work. I wish I could though.” “Why do you always have an excuse to get out once I mention Cody?” “What do you mean? I have to work. I have to pay for figure skating.” “Are you and Cody fighting again? Is that why you don’t want to come with us this weekend? I know you don’t work all day on both days of the weekend. Michael would never do that to…show more content…
I had my earbuds in, listening to Fall Out Boy. I started working on past homework to help me catch up in my classes. I absorbed into a world of my own by the smell of books. The chair next to me pulled out and someone sat down. I tried my best to ignore them and keep working. I gave up when they placed a sandwich in front of me. At the sight of the sandwich, my stomach growled. I paused my music and looked at the person sitting next to me. Of course, it was Cody. He would be the person that could find me if I ever fell off the face of the earth. “I’m sorry,” He said. I gave him a confused look as I started eating my sandwich. It was a fluffernutter sandwich. I almost started laughing as I ate it. This boy does know that the one way to my forgiveness is food. “Last night, I was a dick. I shouldn’t have acted the way I did when I dropped you off.” “It’s fine,” I said with my mouth full. Cody gave me a look of disgust. I started laughing which caused food to go everywhere. “Liv, I know for sure that your mother raised you with better manners than this.” “She isn’t here to yell at me about how bad my manners

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