A Chick Flick

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How To Write A Chick Flick Every chick flick has the same five characters: You have the main protagonist, the best friend, the no good love interest, the nice guy, and the extra filler characters that provide drama to the story, be that a boss, the protagonist’s parents or a crazy grandma. Every chick flick also follows the same format: The protagonist, who’s desperately trying to figure her life out, falls for a no good guy that constantly breaks her heart, causing her in turn to have a dramatic falling out with her best friend(s) and a groan inducing scene where she breaks the heart of the nice guy she doesn’t even realize likes her. Finally, she ultimately rekindles the relationship between her bestie(s), loses the no good jerk, falls for…show more content…
After months of knowing something was wrong with my dad he finally decided it was time for him to leave. Without much of a farewell he packed what he could carry in a laundry basket and moved into my godmother’s spare bedroom. The kicker with this is that he won’t tell anyone why he left. Did my mom cheat on him? No. Were my parents constantly fighting? No. Was there a huge deal breaker that suddenly came to light? No. Did someone gamble away all the education and retirement funds? No. With endless questions being answered in the same manner I was at a loss to why he could suddenly, after nineteen years of seemingly happy marriage, call it quits without a word. As if that wasn’t enough, five days after my dad excommunicated his family I watched my one year old puppy get hit by a car, dragged across train tracks and around the block for a little less than a kilometer until he was finally dislodged and dragged from under said car by yours truly. As I ran screaming after the driver I will never forget the thought that kept playing on a loop: “I can’t do this. Not my dog. This isn’t happening. I don’t think I can live through this if he’s dead.” Step three: traumatic events contributing to a tragic backstory - complete. Step four: an emotional friendship rekindling. After two weeks of silence, icy stares and misunderstandings we finally talked about our feelings in true adult fashion. As we graced a local starbucks with our melodramatic, hollywood esque best friend make up scene it seemed my chick flick was finally coming up over the climactic curve. Step four: bestie make up -
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