Narrative Essay About Child Love

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Tyler has just started back at school; she’s now in secondary school. Things went back to normal in our house after our little holiday to my sister place. Jacinta was so happy to see them. I decided to made a promise to the girls that this time around I would not be dating for a while and when I do it will be with someone who truly loves and cares about me and the girls, not just someone who makes me feel less alone. I’ve started to get my life on track and claim child support for Tyler and Ellie from their fathers, whom weren’t very happy about, but they’ll get over it eventually.
Tyler’s drawing skills have improves greatly since Ellie got her the Seventy-two Derwent’s she had always wanted. I can see Tyler becoming a famous artist one day.
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I found the one. He’s tall with dark chocolate hair and sky blue eyes, has the cutest little beared that he’s trying to grow out. He really good with the girls and Ellie actually spends time with us. She still tries to work a lot to save but still manages to spend time with us. We go out as a family now plus we go on weekend a ways or holidays. Lucas is great with Tyler he helps her with her homework, the girls love him. He works as a mechanic down the road and picks the girls up from school twice a week so they don’t always have to catch a bus. Lucas helps out with cooking dinner and so do the girls; we all sit at the dinning room table and eat dinner together as a happy family now.
I got a letter in the mail today for my court date, I wont be charged with the attempted murder of Shane as it was in self-defence but I may have to do community service. He did recover in the end but was sent to jail for breaching his parole and attempted murder on my children and I. SO thankfully we wont be seeing any of him for the next few year and when he does eventually get out he isn’t allowed near me or my family ever again. Lucas knows what happened and is okay with it all, although it took some time for him to wrap his head around it all and understand what a pathetic man Shane

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