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One of my most cherished memories is some of my color guard and practices like my first day or when we were the half time show for the football game.

i remember my first day of color guard clearly it was the summer after sixth grade i was officially a seventh grader I was so exited my dad dropped me off at the high school and made the worst pun ever so what color are you guarding i think you'll get purple i rolled my eyes and said that's not how it works and left there were so many people since for the first two weeks the high school guard and middle school guard work together to get to know the basic moves and get into the groove of things i remember the first thing we learned was i drop spin for me it was the hardest thing in the world but
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one of my other cherished memories from color guard is when we were suppose to have practice but it got canceled so me and a couple of other color guard members walked around town it was so funny we went to Mario's pizza a pared of us with our flags and all eyes locked on us we sat down shoved all of our flags into one booth and sat in the other and we went up to the counter and ordered a large cheese pizza and sat down then mason gets up to get napkins and knocks a whole shelf down that had things on it and I had to help him clean it all up then we resumed eating our pizza then Pj walks in all hyped up on sugar and starts yelling so we made him do laps around the parking lot that was a fun day

Another color guard memories is when we were first learning how to do toaster turns and when you fist do them they hurt a lot it was funny well not me doing it seeing the seventh graders doing it or when was our first time ever with a flag and our choch said that we had seven minutes to mess around it was so funny cause we were trying to do tosses and you kind of just hear bunch o clanging cause none of us know the proper way to catch it it was really funnt

so those are some of my cherished childhood memories hope you
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