How To Write An Essay About My Crazy Life

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On April 3, 2005 I was born. Way before me my older brother Levi was born and my older sister was born after him. It is not about them it is about me so let us hear about my crazy life. As I said on April 3, 2005, I was born in Finely Hospital at 5:21 in the morning. I was 8 pounds and 10 oz. As I was growing up my brother and I were bad because my older sister Stephanie used to get us so mad we would cuss. One day my sisters were trying to take a picture of us and we got so mad at them we flipped them off. My little brother was two and I was three so we did not know better. Then a few years pasted and I had to go to kindergarten. You know when you are new to a school you do not want to leave your mom or dad and I was like that, it took me a long time to finally go to the classroom. IN first grade I was so excited to go to school, I was a weird kid. My first elementary school was Table Mound and I thought it was the best school ever we never had any problems. Then I moved to a different school called Marshall. I got there and in fourth grade and a few months went past and I got bad in school did not want to do anything. Fifth grade came and I was not as bad as people there were but I was probably in the office every other day. Then eventually sixth grade came around. Then middle school arrived and I was not…show more content…
Some classes I would have to take are Math and Writing. I would have to take math so I would be able to get the picture the right size. Writing because just in case they want their picture to have something written on it. Then eventually I would probably earn a degree in photography class. I got in college and I still liked basketball, so I played basketball if I could. Then I was close to the end of my collaging and I met my dream boy I guess. I also wanted to be a teacher when I was younger, so I would have to take a few years in college and be able to get a teachers degree. College was over for
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