Crossing The Desert Narrative

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From Mexico to Arizona Have you ever been so tired that you feel every bone in your body is about to break? “Don’t stop, keep going because something great is waiting for us on the other side,” my mother kept reminding me while crossing the desert. Crossing the desert to come to the United States was the hardest thing I had to do. This was not optional since I was barely seven; it was necessary if we wanted to survive. While crossing the desert may seem easy, it is challenging, dangerous, and exhausting because walking long distances without water in a mountainous area can lead to injury or extreme exhaustion. My journey started in Hermosillo, Sonora where my mother, sister-in-law, and I were preparing to cross the border. We were…show more content…
The tunnel was the most frightening thing I had ever done before. We all held hands to go through the tunnel because of how dark it was; besides there were rumors that the tunnel was hunted by the people who died there. The tunnel was darker than the night itself; not even the palm of the hands was visible. The tunnel had an immense silence that made everybody shivered. I was so terrified that I prayed in every step I took. It was like about 300 to 400 feet, but it seemed like way more than that. Moments later, we saw a humongous mountain with a tiny light at the very top. The coyote indicated us that our destination was at the light. We kept walking; however, the light seemed to get farther and farther. People started to wonder if we would ever get there. We were hungry, tired and also cold because it started to snow. I was so tired and cold that every muscle, every bone, and every nail were hurting. We finally reached the light after thirty-five hours. ICE officers with enormous dogs, were searching the area. The coyote ran away as soon as he saw them, leaving us completely alone: we hid behind bushes. We got lucky because the officers didn’t see us and left. We didn’t know what to do so we decided to climb down the mountain. While we were going down the mountain, we could appreciate the city full of people walking, we realized we were in Arizona. Shortly after coming down a truck was waiting for us. Our faces filled with joy because we had finally reached our
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